helping entrepreneurs get back to doing what they love.



helping you get back to what you love.


Your business is your passion. You have something to share with the world. But you're spending more time on what you need to do than what you love to do. There's a better way.

Know your problem but need someone to solve it? Feel like operations can improve but don't know where to start? Not enough hours in the day? I'm here to help.

I work with creative entrepreneurs to establish systems and processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Set up your complimentary consultation to assess your needs and create a plan to reach your business goals:


Clarifying who your customers are and what you offer guides business planning. I will help you successfully communicate your offerings to attract new business and meet your financial goals.

  • Vision, Goals & Action Plan

  • Mission & Ideal Client

  • Offerings & Packages

  • Value Pricing


Having an established onboarding process will save time, help you support your clients, and allow your business to scale efficiently.

  • Process Development

  • Questionnaires

  • Templates


Let's eliminate what isn't worth your time, create automated systems, and fine-tune your processes for long-term success. We'll create a system to easily manage your work and ensure clear communication.

  • Project Management System Setup

  • Workflow Organization

  • Time & Task Management Strategies



Ready to translate your message to a workbook format that your community can utilize for true impact on their lives? Through this process you will simply share your book, content and/or ideas with me and I'll refine everything (no matter how messy!) to one simplified document organized strategically and intuitively for your audience.

  • Workbooks

  • Journals

  • Program Guides

  • E-Books

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Mara Oatman

Creating time & space for entrepreneurs to do the work they love.

I am passionate about creating space and simplicity so people have the time and energy to do what they love.


Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I've worked with amazing, inspiring entrepreneurs. With a wide variety of interests and experiences in many areas, the running theme of my career has been efficiency.

I've come to love and appreciate efficiency - not the 5-things-at-once "efficiency" (that doesn't actually save time) but efficiency that frees up time and capacity so you can focus on what matters. That's what I love helping people do -- create a life they love, one they are present in and one they are happy with.

I've managed teams, run my own business and helped many entrepreneurs reach their goals. I'd be honored to help you reach yours!


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Looking for support to run a successful business? I'd love to talk about your challenges and how we can work together to overcome them.

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Simplicity is the soul of efficiency.
— Austin Freeman
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